What Are the 3 R’s of Green Living?

and they’re actually in that order for a reason. They’re hierarchical, meaning reduce has the greatest impact on the planet and on our health. Reuse and recycle have less. Now, I’ve actually modified the 3 R’s. I actually call them the six R’s, and I have a whole pamphlet about it on my website.

The six R’s of sustainable living, but it still starts with reduce and reducing means thinking about what it is that you’re going to consume. Do you really need it? One way I like to do this, is whenever I buy new clothing I actually will not wear it right away. I hang it up in my closet, and I have to keep it there for at least a week before I can wear it. During that week I try and wear everything that I have that’s kind of similar to it, and a lot of times at the end of the week I actually end up returning the item because I find that I have something that already works just as well. So reducing is  good for your wallet, and it’s good for the environment because you’re using fewer resources.

The next tip is to research. Research what it is that you’re interested in buying when you go out. You’ll find that there’s much more eco-friendly options out there. For instance this is especially important when you’re buying a big appliance like a refrigerator, or a perhaps a car. Do your research and find out what’s the most energy-efficient, most eco-friendly option. Third, run it into the ground if you’re gonna buy something you might as well use it and use it for its entire lifespan. So I tend to not buy things until they are totally broken, even things like my smartphone. It has to be on its last legs with the screen popping off before I feel like that’s a responsible use of resources.

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