Hey all, and welcome back to another video. Today I’m going to be doing a spend the day with me style video, and I will be sharing my fall stay-at-home moms schedule or routine. Every day of the week is a little bit different because I have school-aged kids 6 and 8, and we have lots of things going on after school. However, I’m going to be sharing a typical Monday with you, so hopefully you enjoy this video and make sure to give it a thumbs up.

Today’s video is also a collaboration with my sweet friend Breanna K. She has two kiddos named Landon and Presley, and her husband is Adam. She’s going to be sharing her day in life of a stay-at-home mom schedule for fall. You’ll see what it looks like on a normal day that her kids go to school as well. Now, not only is Breanna such a great friend, she is one of the most inspirational people you will ever see on YouTube, and she puts a lot of work into every single video. She also  creates lots of printables that you can download from her blog, and use in your own home to keep track of your cleaning and other things that have to do.

For my normal weekday routine I start my morning at 6 a.m. I walk straight to the bathroom and brush my teeth because for some reason I can’t do anything else until my teeth are brushed.Then I’ll get dressed. I usually just throw on some leggings and a t-shirt, or workout clothes just so that I can take the kids to school. On this day I’m actually doing a grocery pickup, so I wanted to make sure I was not in my pajamas. I’ll actually head upstairs to the kids room so that I can start getting them dressed for school.


On most Mondays we actually eat muffins, but the kids got some new cereal this weekend that they’d never had before so they wanted to try that. I did let them since I didn’t have to make anything. We chocolate cinnamon toast crunch. While the kids are eating breakfast I start packing lunches and snacks, and most days Gracie June actually packs a lunch, so I’m packing her some leftover pizza today. Hasen eats the school lunch most of the time. We kind of go through their school lunch calendar at the beginning of the week and decide which days that he wants to eat. After that I start packing snacks, and we have so many snack options I like to mix up their snacks throughout the week and just kind of make a bunch of different trail mixes.  Today I’m just putting some goldfish, some Halloween pretzels that I got from Target, and a few candy corn with some of the goofy candy gummies that we got while we were at Disney.

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