Responsible parenting: Create memories, not expectations | Austeja Landsbergiene

All of us are familiar with expectations. Expectations laid on to us to succeed in life. Eventually parents end up passing down all these expectations to their  children. However, the question needs to be asked: do high expectations help our children to succeed in life?

Austeja Landsbergiene, Ph.D., CEO and founder of a private chain of pre-schools in Latvia and Lithuania is an educator and visionary who thinks that the most important thing that parents have to give their children is unconditional love and childhood memories filled with parental kindness. She believes that by creating memories, not expectations, kids can flourish in their own lives.

Austeja Landsbergiene has been awarded by the President of Lithuania and the King of Sweden a Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the enhancement of Lithuania’s education system through implementing new concept of teaching and for being an inspiring role-model, showing of how passion and knowledge can be turned into a successful business.



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