How To Stop Being An Angry Parent

mom flying away with umbrellaWhat gets you super seething mama mad?

Is it the constant asks and requests, the “Mom where’s my… that’s so overwhelming?

Maybe it’s the piles of toys and dishes and chip packets you asked to be tidied but are still smirking at you from the living room?


Maybe it’s the stubbornness and defiance your child shows when you ask them to take a bath after giving them a wonderful day out?

At least, you think it’s that the cause of all your parent anger!

But what if that’s not really it at all?

What if the source of your rage is connected to the limits you are setting. Or, more correctly, not setting?

What does parent anger have to do with setting limits, anyway?

This week on the podcast we’re sharing which of your child’s behaviors make us blow and figuring out why. We show you how why, when you peel back the layers of feelings tightly packing your parent anger, you might well find a mama who was too exhausted, too overwhelmed, or too oblivious to set limits with her kids.

And we talk about why not setting limits leads to rupture. 

Do you know the best way out of Parent Anger?

This week, we’re talking:

  • How to start identifying your triggers and trace the source of your dissatisfaction
  • Why setting limits (or not setting them) leads to arguments and rage
  • What your parent anger can teach you, and how to recover from it
  • The power of frontloading to keep your family on track and running without disruption
  • Why good limits begin with getting clear on your values
  • Abigail also shares two good tips for getting good “anti-rage” systems in place

Join us on the podcast this week for Do You Know The Best Way Out of Parent Anger?



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