5 Things You Should Know Before You Start Homeschooling

5 things you should know before you start homeschooling

5 Things you should know Before you start homeschooling. Homeschooling is not easy. However, in this post you will learn 5 things  that will help you in your homeschooling journey.

How To Afford To Be A Stay At Home Mom

How to afford to be a stay at home mom

After all the expenses associated with going to work, many families will be very close to being able to afford to have mom stay at home. With a few more money saving strategies and a couple hundred dollars a month Read More …

How To Schedule Your Time As A Work At Home Mom

How to schedule your time as a work at home mom

As a stay at home mom (SAHM) who is also a work at home mom you need to prioritize time with the children, not always being on your phone or computer. In addition, you need to make sure you’re still Read More …

How I Went From SAHM To WAHM

How I Went From SAHM To WAHM

It definitely wasn’t the plan, to go from stay at home mom to work at home mom (SAHM to WAHM) at this time. In fact, this was happening 2 years before I intended to go back to work. However, when Read More …

How To Get Ready For Christmas

how to get ready for christmas

If you are like me and Christmas somehow seems to sneak up on you, then this is the article for you.  Christmas usually involves large numbers of people, a ton of food,  sacks full of presents and lots of potential Read More …

The Best Way to Save Money – No, It’s Not What You Think!

The best way to save money no its not what you think

What if I told you that finances would never stop you from getting anything you wanted? Okay, what if I said there actually is a tried and true way to save more money. Does this sound too good to be Read More …

5 Tips For Stay At Home Moms To Make A Full-Time Income As A Freelance Writer

5 tips for stay at home moms to make a full time income as a freelance writer

  This post is geared towards moms who are ready to try leveraging their writing skills to earn a full-time income. So you’ve discovered the wonderful world of freelance writing and you want to see how far you can take Read More …

How Much Is A Stay At Home Mom Worth?

How Much Is A Stay At Home Mom Worth?

This article was written by Melissa Petro. Melissa is a freelance writer, wife, and mother living in New York City. Before I became a mother, my husband and I had an equal partnership: We both worked full time — he Read More …

7 Amazing TED Talks on Money Management and Personal Finance

7 Amazing Ted Talks On Money Management And Personal Finance

You wouldn’t be alone if you’re finding it hard to stay ahead of the game with your finances. Thank goodness it’s so easy to find an excellent TED talk on money to inspire and motivate you. Whether you’re attempting to Read More …

60 Jobs For The Stay At Home Mom

60 jobs for the stay at home mom

No matter what your reason for wanting to work from home, this list of remote jobs hiring now will help you in your journey. This is an exhaustive list that goes well beyond no experience data entry jobs from home. Read More …