8 Japanese Parenting Rules All Kids Should Follow

Eight Japanese parenting rules all kids need.   All kids are a joy to be around, but Japanese children are some of the most polite, friendly, and well behaved you ever meet. Be sure to watch the video to see if you can learn a thing or two on parenting from the Land of the Rising Sun.  Japanese parents take special care into passing on their traditions, and telling their kids about their country’s history through fairy tales. There are even scary monsters and imagery that parents from other countries might not consider suitable for their children, but to Japanese parents exposing their kids to these sorts of things is a way to better prepare them for real life. It’d be like you teaching your children about your country’s history from a very young age without skipping any of the gory details that are likely involved.

They don’t coddle their children in other aspects of life as well. They bring their kids to the many Japanese festivals that take place every year, all for the purpose of educating them, but it’s not like they tell them scary stories and leave it at that. Children in Japan have a plethora of super cute cartoons and positivity that help balance out the negative. cribe to stay on the bright side of life [Music]

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