5 Hacks to Make Your Roof More Eco-Friendly

Hello, this is Allegra from ember living.  I’m here today to talk about how to green your roof. You know the expression an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, well the same is true for your house. If you can prevent heat from coming into your house it’s a much cheaper to do that, than to then turn on your air conditioning to compensate for all the heat that has entered your house. There’s a number of ways to make your house more energy efficient in terms of deflecting heat, one of them is to coat the top of your roof with special elastomeric paints that are white so they protect your roof. They actually extend the life of your roof, and they reflect the sunlight back into the atmosphere thereby keeping the heat out of your roof.

Another thing that you can do is install an attic fan. Your attic is an area that becomes very very hot, and it kind of makes it so that your house is wearing a sweater. If you can vent out that hot air and allow cool air to move through, there it will keep your house much cooler. Another thing you can do is when you’re replacing a roof you can look for reflective materials that are built into the underside of roof materials. It’s called a radiant barrier. This also helps to keep heat out of your roof. One of the best ways to both beautify your house and protect it from heat is to either choose a house with a mature tree in front of it, or plant a house in an orientation usually on the west side of the house that will prevent the Sun from hitting your roof and thereby keeping it cooler.

Finally, one of the best things that you can do for your house in terms of energy conservation is to put insulation into it, and you don’t just have to do this when you build the house. You can add insulation after the fact, either by putting in more batting or by using what’s called blown-in insulation. With blown-in insulation they literally just make a little hole in your wall and pump insulation into the crevices, and by adding a layer of insulation into your walls you’ll save yourself a lot of money in terms of energy.

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